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Abstract Architecture


BJL Group, is a leading minority-owned planning and management firm. We specialized in educational planning, and design and construction management for both

private and public sectors. 

We use a diverse team of professionals, always striving to reflect our community as a whole.  We have extensive experience in managing and participating in both Design Build and Maximum Price Contract scenarios. We understand the business dynamics of each delivery strategy and know how to successfully manage both types of procurement.

We provide program management services for a wide variety of clients. Our management process is one that involves, consensus building and expert management of a diverse team of owners, end users, designers, contractors and facility managers to achieve the goals and objectives of our clients.

Extensive local government experience: 

Our team consists of practitioners who combined have over 30 years of experience collaborating efforts with various municipalities. We can leverage our relationships to benefit our clients. 

Tailored Focus:

BJL Group demonstrates sensitivity to the client’s vision and has experience working cohesively with staff to directly and effectively respond to the needs and desires of their clients. 

Comprehensive approach:

BJL Group approaches its services from a comprehensive perspective, considering all viable alternatives in our action plan to ensure the most effective implementation process. Our planning model combines analytical tools with our team’s understanding of demographic, economic and cultural trends. Our process establishes a clear vision for economic growth stemming from the team’s experience working with local government entities.

BJL Group understands the need to balance administrative priorities with competing demands from residents, businesses, and elected officials. This personal sensitivity to the challenges faced by government organizations makes BJL Group highly effective as municipal consultants. 

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