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BJL Group has over 30 years of experience in program management, and the design and construction industry.  We specialize in creating/developing programs to address management needs for varies applications.  We use a team of highly qualified professionals.  Our management process involves, consensus-building and expert management to achieve program goals and objectives.

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Our team has managed projects across all sectors, including K-12, Higher Education, and Municipalities.

From this experience, we know that delivering a complex project will always come with challenges. Our creative, collaborative approach to planning and controls identifies  most problems from the start, and provides early indicators for potential issue.  

We have extensive experience in managing and participating in both Design Build and Tradition project scenarios. We understand the business dynamics of each delivery strategy and know how to successfully manage both types of procurements. We provide required audits to track costs, changes in the work and eligibility of reimbursements so that contractors are held accountable to their contract agreements.





We are committed to support disaster recovery efforts.  Our focused effort is needed to
sustain the recovery momentum and to ensure that grant opportunities are maximized and financial
risk are effectively managed.


Understanding our clients goals and objectives, and utilization of
our proven approach and methodology will ensure those objectives are achieved and that both the
financial and programmatic responsibilities to implement and administer projects funded by
the FEMA Public Assistance Program are integrated and synchronized to ensure our client receives the
grant funding "efficiently."

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Our compliance monitoring is a continuous process to ensure that affected organizations following all policies and procedures. We spot compliance risk issues in an organization's operations or function.


We can also provide guidance for compliance auditing, which is a formal process that usually happens yearly, and is often done by a third-party independent. Monitoring happens from within an organization and usually falls to the chief compliance officer and or compliance committee.

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